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At Cympel, we understand your frustrations. Getting what you want from a display advertisement is too difficult. We make it Cympel!

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How It Works

Getting what you want from a display advertisement is a lengthy and difficult process. There are many steps and time consuming processes that wear users down. Here is an example of how it works today:

  • Step 1

    See an ad, click the ad and see where it takes you.

  • Step 2

    Research the product. View images, specs, options, reviews, etc.

  • Step 3

    Decide to purchase, add to cart, view cart, proceed to checkout.

  • Step 4

    create an account and enter fulfilment information by filling out lengthy and boring forms.

  • Step 5

    Then finally make the purchase.

  • Step 6

    Awful experience. Close all opened tabs, windows and resume your life.

Our solution

How Cympel advertisements work

The advertisement provides you with everything you need right in the ad. With the press of a button you can get coupons, free samples, sign up for a demo, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or even purchase a product. The best part is that none of this requires you to leave the site you were on in the first place.


Great Benefits

We have designed our platform with you in mind. We continue to work long and hard to bring you all of the features that you are asking for. Here is a look at some of our great features:

For Consumers:

  • No More Redirecting

    When advertisers use Cympel, you will not be redirected away from the content you care about.

  • Easy to Use

    You can quickly and easily get what you want; coupons, samples, demos, purchases are all available at the push of a button.

  • Works on Any Device

    Cympel leverages HTML5 technology so you can enjoy full functionality and rich media experiences on any modern device.

  • Secure Transactions

    Fear not, your personal information is secured with our industry leading security practices. We use industry leading (SSL) security certificates.

  • All Your Purchases in One Place

    Find all of your Cympel related purchases in one place regardless of the provider. Organization is Cympel.

For Advertisers:

  • Higher ROI

    By making it easier for consumers to get what they want, your campaigns will be much more effective.

  • Customization

    Cympel ads are customizable so you can tailor vibrant ad campaigns to your target market. Deliver pictures, videos, text, social media integration and much more.

For Publishers:

  • Higher Time on Site

    They are your viewers, keep them on your site. With non-redirecting advertisements, your traffic browses your content more.

  • More Impressions

    When your viewers are staying with you longer and viewing more of your content, you are able to serve more impressions.

  • Higher ROI

    When page views and impressions served go up, you are able to make more money from your websites. All thanks to Cympel.

Advertise on Multiple Marketing Channels

Cympel is a set of technologies, not an app. Cympel lets you advertise on magazines, newspapers, computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles.

  • sd-mobile-devices

    Mobile Devices

    Cympel offers native integration for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Have a classic mobile device? Mobile browser support is available for mobile Safari and mobile Webkit browsers. If you can play "Candy Crush" on your device, you can advertise with Cympel.

  • sd-computers

    Desktops and Laptops

    Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported because Cympel works in your browser with no software installation. Does it get more Cympel?

  • sd-consoles

    Print Media

    By using Cympel on your print campaigns, we make it easy for readers to interact with you. Simply by scanning a QR code with their smartphone, users can quickly and easily request samples, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, request a demo, or purchase your product.

The Rockstars

Following our passion for developing great products, we are a hard-working team focused on developing the best advertising platform in existence. Our goal? To make online advertising simple, smart and effortless.

  • Jesse Hultgren

    Jesse Hultgren


    Jesse leads the business, marketing, and sales efforts. He is focused on setting overall strategies, fund raising, and investor relations.

  • Jesse Hultgren

    Courtland Caldwell


    Courtland's specialty skills include high availability and high performance databases; with a focus in MySQL.

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